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Serving you 20 quarantini mocktails garnished with a chemo twist


4oz Pamplemousse La Croix

2 Raspberries

Ultimate Cancer Toast

Please raise the glass you have in front of you

(wine, beer, baby bottle, white claw)...


And let us toast to:

*completing my 4th and final round of AC

(Adriamycin/Cytoxan) chemotherapy

*keeping 90% of my hair (thank you cold caps

and the women behind the cap)

*all the cancer survivors who have shared your inspiring

stories with me

*all the cancer patients who fought to the very end

*all the people going through cancer treatment at this time

*all of the healthcare providers taking care of us

(especially my #1 live-in caregiver)

*all the menopausal women taking those hot flashes in stride (I feel you)

*no longer being able to feel the infamous lump

*not having to shave my legs this past summer

*inspirational Peloton rides

*the strength I have acquired from all of your support

*the feeling of empowerment from helping others through

a difficult diagnosis

*the control I have gained over cancer


5 strawberries 

10 blueberries 

5 blackberries 

6 raspberries 

Half an apple 

Half a banana 

Handful of spinach 

Handful of broccoli/ 

cauliflower mix 

1 cup of vanilla yogurt 

1.5 cups of soy milk 

Pinch of flax seeds 

Bunch of ice 


Got it? Now blend! 

Your bodies are welcome! 

The Grurple Margarita

Who's in mood for a margarita?! What about a grurple (gray + purple) smoothie disguised in a margarita glass? Well, that's what I've been drinking every morning (no judgement, it's five o'clock somewhere) to provide my body all the healthy nutrients it needs to complete a Peloton ride (please hold your applause). What's in this delicious grurple drank? See image above!


6oz whole milk     

1 tsp brown sugar 

Few drops vanilla  extract                   

Top with cinnamon

The Foobie

"Hey you wanna s'more?" "Some more what?" -The Sandlot (unforgettable movie lines get t-shirts and mocktails named after them)


This delicious mocktail has absolutely no health benefits. It does provide an abundant amount of calories but most importantly, joy to one's palate. If you want the diet version, skip the marshmallow. Speaking of diets, my chemo diet has been balanced with my quarantine 15, creating a plateau effect. At least one of us is flattening a curve.


If you want to avoid the Minnesota State Bird (mosquito) and bring the bonfire inside, this drink is for you. Don't worry you can roast the marshmallow over an open flame on the stove or in the microwave for 15 seconds (witness testimony).

4 oz FairLife Chocolate Milk 

Hershey's Syrup (rim coater)

1/2 Graham Cracker

(smash into crumbs to make

rim coating)

1 Marshmallow

S'more What

This milktini (all the puns intended) is the perfect addition to my donut t-shirt. If you didn’t feel it on the first, this is your second reminder of the month. Don’t forget your girls!


The name of the drink is in honor of the foobs I will be getting in October and for all of you rocking foobs, cheers!


Lemon Squeezy

4 oz of raspberry lemonade

1oz of soda water

Splash of pomegranate juice + handful of pomegranate seeds

This drink tastes like the last few days of summer and serves as a reminder for women to squeeze their lemons. Though it is hard to watch the neighborhood lemonade stands close for the season, I am excited to be one step closer to the title breast cancer survivor. Cheers to the turning of seasons and chapters!


Princess On Ice 

4oz Glacier Ice Gatorade

2oz Tonic Water

Splashes of Grenadine

Glacier Ice Gatorade is the base of this drink and the name couldn’t be more on point with me living my best iced life (see blog post). The grenadine is literally just the cherry on top. Add a few bubbles and you have the 2020 version of a Shirley Temple.


Cheers to skating my way through another week of Taxol


6oz Vanilla Silk Soy Milk

Hershey's Chocolate Syrup

1 Strawberry

The Cyclone

When I think of cyclone I think of circa 2000 picturing myself spinning in circles singing "she moves her body like a cyclone." Baby Bash where you been? If I tried to dance like a cyclone during treatment, I would get the chemo spins. I named this cocktail after the "C" in my AC chemotherapy treatment formally known as Cytoxan. The whirlwind of side effects this drug offers can be a real twister of emotions (insert laugh here). This drink is simply vanilla flavored soy milk, a chocolate syrup swirl, and a strawberry for style. I recently read that soy milk can lower the risk of breast cancer, so bottoms up!



4 oz SmartWater

Splash of  olive juice (for those extra electrolytes)

3 Green Olives

My old flame Tito has been replaced by the new love of my life, SmartWater. Let’s just say it was a toxic relationship.


On chemo day and two days post chemo I will drink 3-5 L of water per day. Drinking this amount of water will flush the excess chemo out of my system and can prevent side effects - one in particular...the dreaded nausea. I found SmartWater to be a fluid I’m quite fond of and realized it goes down as smoothly as a dirty martini (said no one ever). The idea of drinking vodka right now transforms me into the green emoji. Instead of a dirty vodka martini I’m introducing the SmartWater Dolphintini. Remember the “dolphin shot” back in college? This is a little twist on it and is shaken, not stirred. The dolphin shot is only water for those wondering.


2oz apple cider 

1 tsp real maple syrup

4oz ginger beer 

cinnamon stick garnish


I made this drink the night before my 13th treatment. No I’m not superstitious, but there is a reason some hotel elevators skip the 13th floor (just sayin’).

Chemo is like a merry-go-round being that it’s quite repetitive. Each week I showed up on the same day, got the same drugs, ate the same snacks, and felt the same way. It’s like you were spinning in circles for months, just waiting to jump off after your final treatment. I couldn't wait to get off mine.

While I waited, I’ll kept drinking my mocktails and spreading optimism like wildfire. Join me this evening with a refreshing apple cider drink. Fall was in the air (and has already invaded Starbucks)


Peachy Keen

4oz Cooled Green Tea

1oz Peach Fruit Cup Juice 

1oz Soda Water 


2 oz watermelon juice (muddle watermelon cubes in strainer).    

3oz club soda

1 tsp agave syrup

Squeeze in juice from 2 lime wedges 



Before taking a sip of this delicious mocktail, take a moment and pour one out for my recent ex, Carboplatin. You slid into my veins as fast as an attractive bumble romance sliding into DMs. I thought you were going to give me the world but you gave me elevated liver enzymes and neutropenic precautions. I was looking forward to our second date but then I got the call. After hearing, “it’s me, not you,” I knew this relationship was over. We gave it the old college try (am I allowed to say that being 10 years out from undergrad?). I hope you can make it work with my fellow chemo sisters.


I created this mocktail to be a crisp refreshment after a breakup. Plus, Google taught me that there are 9 top benefits of eating watermelon. The most important one is it contains compounds that may help prevent cancer.


Royal Cheers

6oz sparkling white grape juice

As many blueberries as you want

On May 27th I posted a photo after my 100th ride. I told myself I would finish 200 rides before my final chemo treatment. September 25th was my16th  and final treatment, I did it. My endurance has diminished, my cadence halved, but my positive spirit and love is at an all time high. Sending love to Cody Rigsby for the shout-out today; my life is complete.

Let's hold up a glass to my fellow chemo queens and kings, chemo is no small feat.


NeupoGin & Tonic

6oz tonic water

1 lime slice (squeeze in)

This mocktail gets its name from my savior, Neupogen. This medication is self-injected multiple times a week and works in the body to stimulate the growth of white blood cells. Without white blood cells the body is at a higher risk for infection.


Because of this medication I was able to stay on my chemo schedule. At the end, I was only 3 days behind schedule which was really 300 in cancer days.


5 oz Evian Water

1 Pineapple Slice

Dolphintini 2.0

This mocktail is a new version of the Dophintini. Dolphintini 2.0 was created due to a Netflix binge: Down to Earth hosted by my boy Zac Efron. If you only have 45 minutes to spare, watch episode two entitled "France". In the episode, Zac meets with a water sommelier (my retirement job but the wine kind) and together they cheers the finest water in the world. I learned that distilled bottled water does not have any mineral content and can leach minerals from your body. The water sommelier recommended drinking bottles or taps containing naturally occurring spring water to maintain these essential minerals. Long story short - SmartWater is out and Evian is in! This water always reminds me of Mary Katherine Gallagher (Molly Shannon) telling Evian to "go drink a bottle of yourself" in the movie Superstar.


6oz red Kool-Aid

1 piece of dry ice

The Red Devil

I named this drink after one of my chemo drugs: Adriamycin. This drug got its nickname because of its Kool-Aid red appearance and dangerous side effects. A short list of these include: blackened nails, hair loss, nausea, and heart problems. The accessory I’m rocking on my head is a cold cap, which I’m used to prevent hair loss Drop in a cube of dry ice and join me by drinking the Kool-Aid...Oh Yeahhh!


Tax Invasion

4oz Orange Juice

2oz Tangerine La Croix 

I know the correct terminology is tax evasion. I would have loved to evade my Taxol chemotherapy if I could but unfortunately I could not. Instead I had an invader in my body killing healthy blood cells and causing destruction in its path. It may have taken some hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, and energy but it did not consume my positive attitude. I straightened my crown, kept my head held high and got through the 12 Taxol rounds like a true chemo queen.


This drink was concocted in reference to a screw driver, a drink many tax accountants may fancy for breakfast during the month of April.

At the gas station (of all places) I saw a commercial about green tea and a decreased reoccurrence of breast cancer. Once I finished pumping gas I rushed home to Google this. Research suggests drinking more than 3 cups of green tea per day is associated with a 27% lower risk of breast cancer reoccurrence (thank you Holiday). I wanted to make a delicious mocktail to provide you an option for one serving of your daily green tea intake.


To sweeten up the drink I added diced peaches and juice from a fruit cup. The story behind this drink additive comes from a recent take out experience. I ordered the children’s mac & cheese (obvi) and I decided to balance it out by selecting the side of fresh fruit. I was surprised to find the “fresh fruit” I ordered was actually a fruit cup of diced peaches. Though I should have probably ordered the fries, I’m happy to say I made peaches into mocktails.


6 oz apple + ginger AHA sparkling water

1 quarter of a fresh lemon (squeeze after deseeding)

1 tsp agave nectar

garnish with an apple slice (eat the rest of the apple; remember an apple a day keeps the doctor away)

Queasy Fizz

The quarantine was tolerable in the beginning because liquor stores stayed open (praise be) and I had the option to drink daily. Did I drink daily? No, I'm a "social drinker." If you didn't know, Zoom meetings did count as social get togethers. However, once I was diagnosed, I was given a binder of information on the do's and don'ts during chemo. I immediately flipped to the section labeled: nutrition. To my surprise, it is okay to have a small glass of wine or a beer daily. The only exception is to avoid alcohol 48 hours after chemo treatment. What about White Claws or my beloved Tito's? I thought long and hard about this and decided to start my sober journey at the time of my diagnosis. Water has become my #1 drink of choice but that can get old fast. How am I supposed to drink liters of fluid daily and even more right before and after chemo? Mocktails of course! The Queasy Fizz was my first mocktail I designed to settle an upset tummy!


6oz Patina Gris 

or 6oz Sparkling Grape Juice

Winery Made Me Do It


Hot Flash

6oz VitaminWater XXX Açaí-Blueberry-Pomegranate

Lemon Wedge

There’s no aura, there’s no advisory, in a moments flash it hits me. Heat infiltrating my body as if I’ve been placed directly under the sun in the Sahara Desert. My cheeks flush, sweat appears above my upper lip (cute I know), and before I can find my mini portable fan, it’s gone. This is none other than the chemo hot flash.


Chemotherapy to treat breast cancer can cause a body to go into early menopause. A drop in hormone levels will trigger the hypothalamus (part of the brain that controls temperature regulation) to misread the body being too warm. In an attempt to cool the body, sweating occurs as a result of the hot flash.


This mocktail is a play on the Pomegranatini. Not only is it cool and refreshing, it’s packed full of antioxidants. Cheers to my fellow menopausal woman out there, this one’s for you!


Ps. Don't Drink & Drive


The Skip-It

5oz Grapefruit Juice

1oz Diet Squirt

Let's take the DeLorean back to my childhood circa 1997 (the 90s are in). I can picture my 9 year-old self playing on the fresh blacktop with my favorite toy, the Skip-It. This plastic ball and chain is available on Amazon, like everything else. I felt like chemo was my ball and chain for months. I broke that chain when I decided to take a few extra days between finishing 4 rounds of AC chemo and starting 12 rounds of Taxol/Carboplatin. I switched off Thursday chemo since it was putting a damper on my potential weekend plans (not that my weekends had plans, but it kept me from acquiring another disease...FOMO). The Skip-It is my take on the Greyhound, a classic cocktail. So skip and sip to my lou!

I’ll admit it, I had my first glass of wine in 4 months. I blame the number 13 for falling off the wagon.


My liver enzymes were prepped and my tastebuds jumped for joy. I mean wine is just grapes right? 6oz later and I was ready for a nap. Tolerance is a real thing.


If you asked me where I would have seen myself after my 9th round of chemo, I would not have guessed a winery. I felt well and lived every day to the fullest. When you have good days, make the most of it, you will not regret it.


Sparkling grape juice is a nice substitution to the Patina Gris I had!

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