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Walking on Sunshine

Don’t throw shade, actually do...I need plenty! (Shoutout to Ru Paul, your drag race has provided me hours of entertainment in the last few weeks). Sun sensitivity is an unfortunate side effect of chemotherapy. Why not wear a hat? I would give my left pinky toe to wear a hat or to put my hair in a top knot. It’s forbidden to do such things because I am cold capping. Take it from me, it is a luxury to be able to throw your hair up. You truly don’t know how much you miss it until it’s taken away. Also, the cheetah is a little extra. Don’t worry, I have a matching mask which will be featured later! I hope cheetah never goes out of style because my whole wardrobe is animalistic. Speaking of animals, Louie isn’t too embarrassed of me, he’s just happy to get a walk in! I’m going to keep walking on sunshine! 

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