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The Yogi Squat

Malasana, the yogi squat, is a soothing and stabilizing pose. Grounding your feet into the mat brings a downward energy to your body and a calmness throughout. As a bonus this pose will help you strengthen and tone your legs.

Even though I wasn’t able to have chemo today, I still wanted to share a Tuesday yoga pose. I needed all the calmness and downward energy I could get yesterday.

It was a mentally strenuous day for me. I had a hard time excepting my cancelled chemo treatment due to a low white blood cell count. How could I feel so good but have my body fail me? I continued to ask myself this question on repeat. I never came to a conclusion.

Sometimes we don’t know why certain events take place in our lives. What I do know is that I’ve stayed positive and strong these last four months and one lab result is not going to bring me down.

I hope if you have a bad day in the future, you will use the fear and push forward. We are in this crazy world together.✨

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