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The Beginning of the End

The freedom from my ball and chain was short lived. The five extra days I had to recover from AC gave me the strength to pack my chemo bag and mentally prepare for what was to come. I'm smiling under my mask because the first dose of Taxol and Carboplatin (TC) was the start of my 12 week sentence. I still have 11 more to go and I already can't wait for my parole. Yes, I've been watching too many crime documentaries with my free time (pun intended).

I was nervous to start a new round of chemo drugs because I was told they carry a higher risk for allergic reactions and other side effects. I grew accustomed to my routine after AC treatments and will now have to learn a new pattern of daily life. Additionally, the TC regime took 4 hours compared to my usual 2. Because the treatment was longer, I had to spend 7 hours cold capping (call me T Frost). AC treatments and cold capping had me hopping into my bed for a nap, whereas TC treatments allowed me to hop onto my Peloton for a 10 minute ride and complete a 10 minute lower body strength class. Peaches are in.

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