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Standing Savansana 12 out of 12 Taxol Treatments

I never thought I would speak highly about a day in 2020. September 25th will be engraved on me forever as the best day of my life. Today, I finished my 16th and final round of chemo. Although my journey is not over yet, this chapter is closed.

Savansana is said to be the hardest pose in yoga. Not for the physical component, but the mental one. Laying motionless (usually on your back but the concrete was cold), clearing the mind and focusing on relaxation. Let the day go, take some deep cleansing breaths, and rise up.

Today I rise up unafraid, I rise up high like the waves, I rise up in spite of the ache.

Thank you for the tremendous amount of love and support! I’m done!!!🎉

👑Boobie Queen👑

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