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Ice Princess

Ice Princess T is the chemo version of a Disney princess (let it go Elsa, I’m cooler...pun intended). I don’t get my nickname from being cold or heartless towards others, but from my ice accessories. My luxurious crown is cooled to -30°C (-22°F) before being placed on my head. As you may know from previous posts, I am cold capping through chemo to prevent hair loss.

What you may not know is the cold cap is exchanged 3 times before I even start chemo. Once chemo begins it is exchanged every 30 minutes during the duration of Taxol and for 4 hours after treatment. I feel cold just writing about it, but thankfully I have hot flashes to resolve that.

Those are not magical mittens on my hands or glass slippers on feet, they are bags of ice. Taxol can cause neuropathy in the hands and feet. By constricting the vessels in my fingers and toes I am decreasing the flow of chemo to those areas (same logic as cold capping). I only ice for the duration of the Taxol treatment.

After my icing ends every Friday, I turn back into a pumpkin 🎃

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