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Feel it On the First: Labor Day Edition

Being Labor Day is less than a week away, I thought this photo would be fitting for September’s feel it on the first.

Rosie the riveter is an allegorical cultural icon and a depiction of a real person. Naomi Parker Fraley, a former California waitress, was the real Rosie. I have been channeling my inner Rosie throughout my treatments hoping for 1% of her strength.

This coming Labor Day I honor every woman worker who has brought solidity, stability, and success to our country. I praise those who worked throughout treatment to support their families; my mom being one of them.

Follow through with your monthly breast self-exam today. And when you’re done, tell your friends to do the same. 1 in 8, we are in this together. #feelitonthefirst 👐🏼

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