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Empowerment, Knowledge & The Need For Change


This post is a combination of empowerment, knowledge, and the need for change.

Empowerment : take time today to perform a breast self-exam and remind your friends

Knowledge : education on why breast feeding may not be an option for some women

Need for change : insurance companies do not cover formula for women who are unable to breast feed due to preexisting conditions

I feel more impassioned than ever in lieu of the recent formula shortage about this issue.

Formula and donor breast milk are the only ways I can feed my child. After I found out I was pregnant, I contacted local breast milk banks and was told I would have to pay $20 for 4oz of breast milk. To put it in perspective: my 3+ month old is taking 30oz/day; it would cost me 150/day or $1050/week.

Fortunately, a few friends who overproduced breast milk were kind enough to donate their extra to my baby. In addition, the company Bobbie has donated formula to me and to other women with similar stories.

I cannot speak about the support I’ve received without an overwhelming feeling of love and gratitude.

Many people out there share stories like mine, but our stories go underrepresented.

I think insurance companies should cover formula for women who cannot breastfeed their baby due to a devastating preexisting condition. In my case, breast cancer at 31.

I try to be transparent about my situation to create awareness and spark change within our society. If you feel passionate about this, please contact your local representatives to voice your support.

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