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BRCA Results

It has taken me months to share the results of my genetic testing because I have been in shock. I cried when my generic counselor told me my gene panel was normal. A strange reaction, I know. I “blamed” my cancer on my genetics (BRCA namely) for the longest time because my mom had an identical diagnosis 11 years ago. It was difficult for me to accept getting cancer at 31 without a clear explanation (damn you type A personality).

Though I felt sorry for myself for some time, I found out that my mother and I do not have a greater likelihood for other cancers. I may never know the reason cancer chose me early in life, but I do know that if I dwell on every choice I made in the past, it will make jump on board the crazy train.

A friend once told me, the most resilient people are faced with the most difficult challenges; for now, that’s the perfect answer ✨

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